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Rincon Associates Inc.
Land Surveyors in Alamosa County, Colorado

Land Surveying and Land Development Services Surveying Southern Colorado in the San Luis Valley 6 county area..........
Alamosa County, Conejos County, Costilla County, Mineral County, Rio Grande County, and Saguache County.

Providing quality professional land surveying and land development services to the San Luis Valley and the surrounding areas since 1983.

Our land surveying services in the San Luis Valley which include growing areas around the City of Creede in Mineral County, Colorado and City of South Fork in Rio Grande County, Colorado, are Field Surveying, Surveyors Maps, Site Plans, Improvement Locations Certificates, Consultation, Mineral Claims, Vacation/ Consolidation Maps, Subdivisions, Property Descriptions, Corner Marker Searches, Topography, Easements, Boundary Survey and Research.

General Land Surveyors Duties An example of the progression of duties surveyors generally go through are land surveying research for existing surveying maps recorded at county court houses, highway departments, state agencies, US-Bureau of Land Management, and an onsite visit to familiarize the surveyors with the task requested. After completing some portion of this research the surveyors can prepare a preliminary surveying cost based on time and efforts the land surveying company believes will be involved. Upon hiring a land surveyor he or they will make actual land surveying measurements and evaluate local and state codes and interpret all that information to make sure the surveying conforms and set surveyors corner markers with the surveyors state registration number attached to the land surveying marker. A surveyors map or drawing will then be made to scale showing all information necessary to locate the parcel by other surveyors or land owners now or in the future. Upon completion of the map and surveying, surveyors will then record or deposit these maps with the respective county, as required by Colorado land surveying law. Billing is the last part of the surveyors project and will probably show a daily breakdown of duties performed for each day or hour worked and other costs associated with the surveying. Each land surveying service may not require all of the above and part of the surveyors job should be to weed out only what the individual land owner needs and/or desires to keep the cost proportional to the task.

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Contact Info in South Central Colorado: P.O. Box 1025, Alamosa, Colorado 81101 USA
Telephone: 719-589-1644   Email: office@rinconsurveying.com

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